Sunday, 26 April 2009

PMO - Project, Programme or Portfolio Management Office

Well, what is in a name? PMO is one of those acronyms which gets used to mean different things.

On an individual project it refers to the Project Management Office.
On a programme of work, it generally refers to the Programme Management Office (also used in some firms to denote a centralised Project Management Office function).
For many firms, it denotes the Portfolio Management Office - often organised as a matrix with a small central "hub" and individuals from various functions reporting into it (both IT and Business change managers).

Recently, there has been a rise is the usage of Change Management Office. I'll park this one for the moment as I believe it could have a different remit from a PMO.

So what does the PMO do?

Generally speaking, the PMO defines and maintains the standards and process associated with project management in an organisation. These standards can include a wide variety of processes from planning techniques to documentation structures for project deliverables. Usually they include the management reporting and supporting documentation - proect plans (baseline and updates), RAIDS (Risks, Assumptions, Issues and Dependencies) information, financials, governance, status reports, change management, and project deliverables. Many also prioritise projects and manage the resource allocations to projects.

Have I missed anything burning issues the PMO needs to cover - please post your thoughts.

If you want to read more, here the wikipedia link:

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