Saturday, 23 May 2009

What do You Include in Your Portfolio of Projects?

I was recently asked what I meant when I said Portfolio Management Office. What types of projects did I include? What about all the little things that crop up over the course of a month where someone just has to get on and do them.

I hear of at least two things happening right now.

First of all, big projects are being delayed or scaled back.

Secondly, things are happening "under the table" - by breaking them down so far that they fall off the radar or just on the basis of let's just get this bit of it done and that will be good enough - like putting a plaster (band-aid) over a deep cut just to keep the dirt out.

So what? Does that matter?

There will always be a creative tension between those who are trying to "get their things done" and those who have the responsibility to juggle priorities for the organisation at large.

In an ideal world, one would not overload capacity above a certain percentage - in order to cater for career development, holidays, emergencies, etc.

When constructing your Portfolio of Programmes, it would be a good thing to make a judgement to include at least of bucket for those "little" things which just need to get done so that they can be quantified in their totality. You many even want to make them part of your competitive advantage in time....

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